From Mystery Of Love “The White Spaces”

The White Spaces

We are on a journey to Love. For as the Zohar writes ‘All the Paths (Shvilin) lead to the Temple of love’. Wherever you are, wherever you are standing or kneeling or crouching – the place where you are is on your path to love.[1]  Love requires Depth. Superficiality and love are antonyms.  The search for depth requires effort that we are often afraid  to expend. However I can promise you – in he name of all the great traditions of the spirit – the energy you invest in your own depth will come back to you a thousand fold. In this book I want to invite you to reach a little beyond what you thought you could do. How did Browning say it? “A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for.”

The mystics say that the Torah (Biblical Myth Text)  has two different strands. The first is the letters – the black spaces, what the Zohar calls the Black fire. These are the ideas and concepts that speak to the mind and psyche.  The second strand however is the white letters. These are the white spaces between the words, what the Zohar calls the white fire. Remember what Mozart said – the music that makes a symphony great is the white spaces between the notes.

So as we begin our journey to love I want you to know that I will do my best in the black fire. I have tried to make everything clear and accessible in a way that will help us both on our paths to love. But I want to invite you to enter not only the words of Black fire but also and especially the white fire.  For is it in the white fire and that you taste the rawness of Eros and the sweetness of love for which your soul yearns.


From Marc Gafni 

[1] cite Zohar text on the Shvilin that all lead to Heichal HaA

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