The Berdichever Passport

The Berdichever Passport

A White Fire story told by the Kabbalists:

It happened in Eastern Europe in the mid 19th century.   Wolfie had to travel to St. Petersburg and he was afraid. He knew it was a place which was not safe. And he did not have the papers he needed. But he needed to make the journey for his very life depended on it. He went to his teacher –the greater master Levi Isaac of Berdichev. Please –please he said help me and he poured out his woe. The master listened intently and then left room bidding him to wait. He could hear the master tears in the next room. When Levi Isaac returned he gave him a blank piece of paper still wet with tears. This will be your passport.  Take it with you and it  will open all the doors.

Wolfie was not sure what to do – but he trusted his teacher. He took the paper and set out on his journey. When he arrived  at  the first border he was stopped by the guards. Shaking –knowing they could kill him on the spot he takes out the passport he has received form his the master Levi Isaac of Berdichev. They look down to examine it and then up at him again with the most intent of looks. He is about to faint. And one of the Guards begins to talk. “We had no idea it was you he said. We apologize for even stopping you at the border. What an honor it is to have you travel on our road. Please accept our apologies sir.” Well –you can imagine how absolutely shocked Wolfie was. Mumbling his thanks about to faint-this time from disbelief and joy he traveled on. Well, they got to the next border and pretty much the same thing happened. Only this time the guards were so overwhelmed that Wolfie was traveling their road that they gave him and escort of four white stallions. And so it went- at each border crossing he would show the blank piece of paper with the tears of his masters – his Berdichever passport. He arrived in St Petersburg traveling like a prince, with full escort and laden with Gifts.[1]

A story of mystery to be sure. Passports that open all the gates but not with words or letters. Not a tale of Black fire. A white empty space. The magic of the White Fire.[2].   As you read, I want to gently remind you that there are many borders you need to cross when you go on a true quest.  There are many guards – internal and external who would block your way. This book –although filled with letters of black fire is really a Berdichever Passport. Let it open all the doors for you.







[2]  BOTTTOM to fully probe it’s strange yet inviting  depth we will have to wait till the end of our journey. For as the mystical texts say – ‘the end is rooted in the beginning and the beginning is rooted in the end’[2]. That is part of the journey – to learn the great art of waiting

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